Photo by Tyrone Lewis

Photo by Tyrone Lewis

Bohdan Piasecki is a poet from Poland based in Birmingham. A committed performer, he has taken his poems from the upstairs room in an Eastbourne pub to the main stage of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, from underground Tokyo clubs to tramways in Paris, from a bookshop in Beijing to an airfield in Germany, from niche podcasts to BBC Radio. In the UK, he regularly features at the country’s most exciting spoken word nights, festivals, and readings. He enjoys the creative chaos of big field festivals just as much as the composed concentration of literary events. 

Bohdan founded the first poetry slam in Poland before moving to the UK to get a doctorate in translation studies. He has worked as Director of Education on the Spoken Word in Education MA course at Goldsmiths University, and was the Midlands Producer for Apples and Snakes between 2010 and 2017. Since 2012, he has been a regular Visiting Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. He currently holds the post of General Manager at Free Radical, a Birmingham-based company creating opportunities for young artists with an activist practice.

Photo by Fundacja KulturAkcja

Photo by Fundacja KulturAkcja

More About Bohdan


Bohdan has considerable experience in teaching for all age groups and levels of experience, in formal and informal contexts, across genres and languages. He was Lead Tutor for the Roundhouse Poetry Collective and the Bellows Poetry Collective, and he has worked as mentor or workshop leader for projects such as BBC 1xtra's Words First, Hull Gada, Alzheimer's Poetry Project, Beijing Poetry Project, and many others. He has evised and delivered many one-off bespoke workshops for all kinds of ages, backgrounds, and interests.


An experienced compere, Bohdan has hosted events and stages for organisations such as the RSC, Apples and Snakes, Latitude Festival, Verve Poetry Festival, Port Eliot Festival, and others. He has also run hosting workshops for Beatfreeks, Mouthy Poets, and others. 


Bohdan has worked for 7 years as the Midlands Producer for Apples and Snakes, the country's leading spoken word organisation, and over that period devised and delivered countless events as part of my work there (examples include Hit the Ode, Level UP, Lit Fuse, Wordsmiths & Co, Bright Smoke, Poets' Place, Shake the Dust, Public Address, etc. etc.) He currently manages Free Radical, which entails team management as well as conceptual and production work on a a wide variety of projects designed to develop the skills and amplify the voices of young artist/activists. 


Bohdan has been a yearly visiting Teaching Fellow at the University of Birmingham’s Department of Film and Creative Writing since 2011, with duties ranging from teaching individual lectures to planning and delivering entire modules, as well as supervising dissertation work on BA and MA levels. He has held the post of Director of Education for the pioneering Spoken Word Education programme, as part of the MA in Creative Writing and Education in 2014-15 and worked as a Lecturer at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities before moving to the UK.
Bohdan holds a PhD in Translation Studies from the University of Warwick, and his research interests include the politics of representation through literary translation, live poetry in translation, poetry as activism, authorship and identity in spoken word poetry, and translation as creative practice.


Bohdan is an active translator and interpreter, working in Polish, French, and English. He has a particular interest in poetry translation, and has worked with numerous spoken word artists to adapt their texts for international audiences.